I help beginner guitar players build a solid musical foundation through teaching fun songs using my gamified guitar academy
so that they can understand music and learn harder songs faster as they progress

Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Absolute Beginner?
  • Stuck In A Rut?
  • Starting Again?
Guitar GPS will guide you through the process
so learning guitar is FUN & EASY!

Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

My beginner electric guitar lessons are perfect for beginners who want to 
learn guitar the RIGHT way and skip all the frustrations, bad habits, and set backs. 

With a method that has been tested for 12+ yrs and over 10 thousand of hours
 at my local guitar school

I know what works and how to get YOU better - FAST!

Is Learning Guitar Hard?


Music theory

Bad Habits


Finger Exercises

Finding Time!!

What to Practice

Conflicting Advice

Slow Fingers


Bar chords


Chord changes

Finger stretches



Finger Pain

Ear Training

Learning guitar is NOT hard nor does it take a long time. 

However, without a clear path you're bound to get overwhelmed, skip steps, practice things wrong, get stuck, lose motivation etc etc.

With my Multi-Dimensional Method I'll systematically 
build ALL the skills you need

So You Can Play How You want

Here's How It Works 

  • Progress Through A Leveled System
  • Learn Fun Songs To Build Your Skills / Fill In The Gaps
  • Unlock New Courses / Concepts As You Level Up

Each level will have multiple courses with a specific area of focus and will use my Multi-Dimensional Method. Meaning, as you progress through a course I'll build your SKILLS, your KNOWLEDGE, and even your CREATIVITY all at the same time so everything comes together naturally. As you reach higher levels you'll unlock more advanced courses, concepts, songs, etc.

You'll Also Get

  • Progress Tracking 
  • PDF Print Outs
  • KICKSTART TRACKS (Audio play along tracks at various speeds)
  • Video Tutorials
  • MISSIONS (Detailed instructions for what you need to do and how well)

All you have to do is go through the courses and EVERYTHING WILL Come Together 

It's never been easier to learn How To Play The Guitar!

My chords have improved a lot!
When I started, my chord changes weren't terrible but they definitely were sloppy and then my bar chords were like no way,... But now I can do them and on an acoustic too!
Gabrielle R.
It'll be the best thing you've ever done for your guitar playin
I remember coming here and having a hard time strumming chords, and now I can play all the songs I want!
Kaden W.
Better than private lessons
I had previous guitar lessons with a music school for about 5 yrs. I think Preston could have taught me everything they did in less than a year...
Randy S.

Steal Candy From A Baby Guarantee

After 30 days of using Guitar GPS, if you wouldn't steal candy from a baby to stay on as a member, you don't have to pay a penny.

Sign up now for a 14 day free trial 

Meet Your Coach Preston Howard

Preston Howard has worked with beginners of all ages and backgrounds and has taken what he has found to work 100% of the time to get beginners up and playing fast.

His unique approach simultaneously builds a beginners foundation in many areas which keeps learning fun but also prevents plateaus.

He'll fix the ROOT causes that hold beginners back, plant seeds for the future, and train you through the process so that nothing is left to chance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Can't Read Music?

There are multiple ways for reading music. We'll teach you the easiest first called Tablature (takes 3min to learn) then as you progress you'll be introduced to more advanced methods. Our goal is to get you learning and having fun asap while also providing you a real musical education.


What If I Have A Lot Of Bad Habits?

Most bad habits are simple fixes as long as you get the RIGHT info and are willing to SLOW DOWN and fix them in the "calibration process." 


What Styles Will I Learn?

You'll be exposed to all styles such as rock, pop, metal, blues, finger style, etc. Higher level courses will have specific courses on different styles. 

Note, If you have a solid foundation in all areas of playing you can play any style you want - this is how others do it and you can too!  

What If I Get Stuck Or Need Help?

You're on your own.. Just kidding!. We have a forum for asking questions and you can even join our private FB group to upload short video clips if you need someone to watch you play and give you feedback. 


What Are The Lessons Like?

Although it can depend on the course and the topic at hand 
Generally lessons will have:
- VIDEO with clear explanation / demonstration
- PDF's print outs (if lesson calls for it)
- AUDIO KICKSTART TRACKS to play along with at various speeds (if lesson calls for it)
- MISSIONS (detailed breakdown for what you are to do and how well)


How Quickly Will Learn A Song?

Your first day! We want to get you up and playing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  


How Do I Know It Will Work For Me?

I have a 100% success rate in developing the musical skills required to play any song as well as shred, improvise etc etc.

IF you are willing to following my system
and put in the work

** However, if you are looking cheap "hacks" or  to  "play like ____ famous player in 21 days" this is NOT for you.  psst (it takes longer that 21 days...)


How Is This Different Than Other Guitar Teaching Sites?

1. Method is tested in the real world from over 10,000hrs of face to teaching experience (many online teachers have never taught anyone face to face and many who have have not developed a system for predictable results. 

2. You'll simultaneously develop your SKILL, KNOWLEDGE & CREATIVITY. Most online courses / lessons don't take a holistic approach to learning music. 

3. You'll learn fun songs to develop your skills (not mindless finger drills)

4. There is ONE mastermind behind the creation of the courses. (Platforms with many instructors pull you in different directions and/or lack a systematic progression to take you from  where you are to a high level of playing. Whether you're a total beginner or an intermediate who's got a lot of holes / gaps and bad habits.

5. The entire system is GAMIFIED with custom software which will track how all your skills are developing giving you the clarity of where you are and what you need to do to get better. (99% of online guitar lessons are hosted on cookie cutter platforms that don't and can't have this capability.

Not many teaching sites can make the claim that its 10x more effective than your private instructor. Yes, you can literally fire your guitar teacher and just use Guitar GPS and you'll get better results in the comfort of your own home for MUCH cheaper!