About Guitar GPS

Guitar GPS Method is an online guitar academy that offers online guitar lessons in the form of gamified courses. "Gamified" meaning you get points for passing off lessons, hitting milestones, and developing various skills. 

This is takes all the guess work out of what a player needs to do and what he/she is missing in their development. 
When you are CLEAR on what you need to practice RIGHT NOW it is so easy to get better.

Guitar GPS Method is the result of 10,000+ face to face teaching hours with students of all ages, backgrounds and learning styles and has been proven to  get extra-ordinary results with ordinary players.

If you want to get started on the right foot or are stuck in a rut this may be EXACTLY what you've been looking for

About Preston Howard 

and the history of the Guitar GPS Method

Hey what's up my name is Preston, I'm the owner and founder of the Guitar GPS Method as well as SLC Guitar (my local guitar school) and here's where I get to tell you a bit about me, my story and where Guitar GPS comes from. 

At age 15 and was inspired to learn when a friend played a Metallica riff at school. I knew I had to learn so I bought my first guitar with money I'd earned from working in potato harvest (yes I am from Idaho and yes we worked in the potato fields...) But I sucked. I grew up playing sports and music/guitar did not come natural to me despite practicing for hours a day I mean,  I sucked so bad my friends told

me to quit. But being extremely stubborn and not willing to let the band nerds out do me I dug my heels and just tried harder.  After 4 years of trying to "learn on my own" I finally came to the realization that the reason everything I played sounded so bad was because I didn't have any rhythm. I didn't even know what rhythm was exactly... So as a senior in high school I joined freshman band to learn basic rhythms on percussion. So in truth, I used to make fun of the band nerds and then I became one. (come to find out it's actually not that bad...)

I went through 11 guitar teachers

Why?? Because I found most guitar teachers just don't get it...  Some can play very well others not so much and I found that 98% of guitar teachers use 1 of 2 methods.

Method 1 The read a book method:  They help you read a boring method book you can buy for $12.95. Learning out of date music, never training your ear or learning how be your own player... It doesn't work

Method 2: The "wing it off the cuff method: The teacher asks you want you want to learn and they literally WING IT every lesson. No structure, no proven path, they just scribble down parts of songs, scale patterns, random theory concepts etc etc. Oh and they'll charge you on avg $60-80hr 

You see, REAL teaching is the ART and science for how to instill knowledge and skills into the student but most guitar teaching is just guitar players showing stuff. 

And the end result of course is student gets confused, overwhelmed, slow progress and they think it's a problem with them (their age, their finger size, they lack special DNA that only those with "natural talent have."

Opening My Local Guitar School

So, after many years of obsessing over trying to learn guitar
(obsessing meaning I became a freaking hermit...)

 I had pieced some things together and in 2010 I decided to open a local guitar school in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Because I just wanted to share my passion with the world. 🥰🤗

 LOL yea right... 🤣

I was sick of my day job selling 💩 door to door and wanted to make money with something I enjoy. 🤷‍♂️
(and not have people yell at me)

 And from my experience with all my guitar teachers, I thought I could do a better job than the current status quo
 of lame method books or never having a plan for my students success.

Cracking The Code 

Come to find out running a guitar school was A LOT harder than I thought... 😅 But there was no way I was going back to selling door to door so worked 12-16hr days and did so for years. 

But as far as teaching guitar goes, I ran into a lot of problems with helping others.

Problem such as:

  • What would work for 1 person wouldn't work for another...
  • What made perfect sense on paper would FAIL in real life (this is why most books/courses don't work btw) 
  • How to help players get results if they didn't have a lot of time to practice. 
  • How to get absolute beginners to instantly see success and stay motivated 
  • How to help beginners get better who have been stuck at the beginner level for years
  • How to quickly find and begin fixing the holes and gaps that hold the Intermediate players back
  • Figuring out WHY some players who practice a lot make little progress while others would progress with ease
  • Finding how to MAXIMIZE progress with limited practice time
  • Finding how to prevent all the bad habits, holes, and gaps that cause plateaus 
  • How to teach anyone regardless of how many times they failed in the past to keep rhythm, learn by ear, shred, play by feel, be creative etc etc. 

and the list goes on and on... 

I the read books, joined masterminds with guitar teachers all over the world, went to conferences, hired a Harvard Grad who was an expert in curriculum design, and as of 2023 I have accumulated over 11,000 hours of face to face teaching. And spent even more time creating programs, testing them, and tweaking to find what simply works. 

Why did I go through so much trouble?

Because I know how frustrating it is to practice for years and not see results. And  I didn't want to be like my old teachers who'd gladly take my money but either didn't know how to help me get the results I wanted or didn't have the simple to follow system to guide me through the process 

- I'm also kind of obsessive when it comes to my work... 😅

But There Was A BIG Problem

You see, as I began to crack the code and get impressive results with my students some would belly flop, some would fizzle out over time, and yes some would crush it.  

And it wasn't because my system didn't work, 
they'd just go home and forget what I told them to do so they'd practice wrong, noodle, or go back to their bad habits. 

If only there was a way I could help them AT HOME 🤔

Introducing Guitar GPS

In 2019 I began taking my lessons, trainings, philosophy, and expertise and putting ONLINE for my students to use at home when they were NOT with me. This way I could STILL help them, guide them, remind them, even test them when they weren't with me. 

But more than that, I GAMIFIED it so they'd get points for developing their skills and increasing their proficiency. Now we could have the TRUTH of where they are at in their guitar playing every step of the way!   

You see, getting better is extremely easy when you know what action to take
(it's also VERY motivating)
and this is EXACTLY what The Guitar GPS Method does. 

Now, I am making the Guitar GPS Academy available so ANYONE can get killer guitar lessons for a fraction of the cost of in person lessons. 

In fact, we've had players tell us they are getting MASSIVELY better results with our online guitar lessons than with their previous private instructor! 😲 

  • No more boring method books
  • No more unproven ideas 
  • No more disorganized private lessons for $80hr
  • No more time driving to lessons
  • No more spending extra money on gas
  • No more wasting time on Youtube
  • No more bad advice from internet forums
  • No more paying for online guitar lessons that don't work
  • No more not getting better!

If you read this far you're obviously serious about learning/improving your guitar playing and want to make an educated purchase. If you don't see progress within 30 days email me at support@guitargpsmethod(.)com and we'll sort out what is going on.