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Progress through a leveled system, get points for developing your skills,
see progress reports, learn songs, play solos, and unleash your musical creativity! 

Proven Method That Gets Results

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All lessons, concepts, and underlying pedagogy is the result of what we have tested to get the quickest results NOW and in mastering the guitar

Build The Skills You Need 
To Play How You Want





Speed / Coordination

Rhythm And Timing


The ART Of Practicing

Chord Changes

Aural Skills (playing by ear)


How To Fix Bad Habits

Picking & Strumming

Music Theory (how music works)

Developing Your OWN Style

Dealing with LIMITED TIME

Phrasing Techniques

Fretboard Memorization

How To Create New Ideas

Practice Routines & Structure

  Learn Fun Songs 

With my Multi-Dimensional approach you'll learn fun songs to develop your core skills and knowledge

Learn Electric Guitar For Your Skill Level

Whether you are just starting or stuck at the beginner level, I'll systematically build your skills and knowledge in many areas with my leveled system so that you don't develop imbalances, bad habits, or hit plateaus. You'll know EXACTLY what to practice, have specific MISSIONS to accomplish, and have a ton fun becoming the guitar player you were born to be!

With my unique method I'll simultaneously fill in the holes and gaps that are holding you back and push the limits with your strengths. You'll progress through a proven framework that targets building your SKILLS, your  KNOWLEDGE, and your CREATIVITY all at the same time. ** Note,  this is REAL musical training not watered down "master guitar in 21days" B.S. 

Here`s What People Are Saying

My chords have improved a lot!
When I started, my chord changes weren't terrible but they definitely were sloppy and then my bar chords were like no way,... But now I can do them and on an acoustic too!
Gabrielle R.
It'll be the best thing you've ever done for your guitar playin
I remember coming here and having a hard time strumming chords, and now I can play all the songs I want!
Kaden W.
Better than private lessons
I had previous guitar lessons with a music school for about 5 yrs. I think Preston could have taught me everything they did in less than a year...
Randy S.

Here`s What You`ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up you'll get immediate access so you can start getting better today! 

After you sign up you'll get immediate access so you can start getting better today!Edit your caption text here
High quality video lessons, demonstrations, and explainations
NO bogus visual play along software here... Speed up chord changes and hands, improvise to backing tracks in any key, play along with songs at various speeds by using your EAR.
All courses use my unique Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training method. I'll seamlessly build your skills, knowledge, and creativity in many ways so everything comes together easily and naturally.
You'll get simple and clear instructions on EXACTLY what your "mission" is so you know when to move on and when dig your heels in.
Easily print off charts, songs, diagrams and other useful content
Instantly see where you left off and what your EXACT next step is to get better
Get a high level view of how all your skills are coming togther and where your strengths and weaknesses lie
Designed for desktop, tablet, and phone! All you need is internet access
Connect with like minded players, get your musical questions answered, and support when you need it
Get feedback from REAL coaches who can diagnose the problem and tell you EXACTLY how to start fixing it

and much more!

About Preston Howard

Preston Howard has played guitar since 1999 and has owned a guitar school  since 2010. During that time he has directly helped over 2,000 players learn how to play the guitar. 

Working directly with players directly provided him the unique opportunity to find what gets players the quickest results both in the short term and over the long term. 

Now, he has systematized his process that has been proven to work 100% of the time and is bringing his groundbreaking method ONLINE to help others learn guitar anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of in person guitar lessons.  

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you sign up today you are completely protected, because you are protected by my unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

You've got 30 days to check everything out. 100% risk free. Which means if you're not satisfied with the trainings or your progress after you check it out for any reason or no reason at all, all you need to do is just send us an email letting us know and you'll be issued a full and courteous refund for your purchase.