Finally... How to play like pro without wasting time on ineffective practice in less than 90 days guaranteed!

Hi, I'm Preston
I help people play electric guitar
and understand what they're doing musically 
with my holistic method and gamified system

It doesn't need to take years to learn how to play guitar. You don't need to
start young, have natural talent, do boring drills, or have a frustrating experience.  
You just need what works and a system that makes learning easy and fun

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Beyond mere video lessons, The Guitar GPS method is gamified so you get points for developing your skills and proficiency.
 This way you'll always know exactly where you're at and how everything is coming together.

  • Easily learn full songs in minutes not months  
  • Master rhythm & timing
  • Understand how music works
  • Unlock the fretboard
  • Play and understand solos
  • Solo in any key 
  • Break out of box position
  • Shred 600+ notes per minute

And much much more!

I've learned more in 3yrs than the past 30yrs before signing up
"You get a planned out and proven path, and a well rounded music education!"
Bill B.
I'm addicted!
"Now I can play all over the fretboard in any key, spice up my fav songs, and even jam with my daughter when she plays piano!"
Derek M.
Perfect if you've hit a plateau
"This program is especially perfect for those like me - floundering intermediate players who have plateaued and need direction."
Tyler G.

Why Guitar GPS?

A player who lacks direction for what to practice is like a wanderer who's lost in the jungle without aim or focus.

This is where The Guitar GPS Method comes in.
It helps you get clear on where you're at as a player, what's holding you back and the specifics for what to practice so you start making real tangible progress.

Practicing Without Aim Or Focus
Is One Of the Best Ways to Make Slow Progress,
Get Frustrated, And Lose Motivation...

It's the difference between why some struggle and why others easily get better

Without Direction

  • Practice the same things over and over and get bored
  • Practice material the wrong way and get mediocre results
  • Get frustrated & confused from skipping steps
  • Develop imbalances & bad habits
  • Make slow progress & lose motivation
  • Be embarrassed about your guitar playing  

With Direction

  • Have fun developing new skills toward your goals
  • Practice material the right way and progress fast
  • Excitement every time you practice
  • Develop all your skills & knowledge and prevent/fix bad habits
  • Fast progress & tons of motivation
  • Guitar playing confidence

Do You Like Slow Progress, Getting Stuck, and Feeling Embarrassed About Your Guitar Playing?

Of Course Not!

Sign Up For The Guitar GPS Free Trial Today!

But That's Not All Guitar GPS Does...

Guitar GPS Helps You Develop The Skills You Need
So You Can Play How You Want 

Learn FULL Songs

A common pitfall players have is they only learn parts of songs or try to play songs way beyond their skill level - both of which lead to slow progress, loss of motivation and confidence in your abilities. Our unique way of teaching songs will make learning FULL songs easy! 

It also make jamming with your friends a lot more fun!

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Learn songs in our leveled curriculum so you know which would be best for your skill level.
  • Learn real music notation 
  • Easily understand song form which will speed up memorizing the entire song and/or use for your own songwriting

 Solo In All Keys

A common pitfall when players try to solo is they are missing a lot of the underlying skills and knowledge they need. This causes a lot of frustration and confusion and ultimately struggling to solo like they dream.

With Guitar GPS you will:

  • Develop your lead guitar skills so you can easily play solos. 
  • Learn solos by ear in our leveled system so you know what solo would be best to tackle next.
  • Discover how to break out of mindless noodling and make your scales sound more musical.

You'll even be trained on how to put your own twist on your favorite solos, how the pros use scales to express specific emotions, how to write your own solos, and/or improve what you already do!

Plus much much more!

Unlock The Fretboard

One of the biggest reasons players can't play from the soul and lack confidence to jam with others is they haven't mastered the fretboard. Those who try often use methods that are confusing or flat out don't work.

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Learn how to find notes, chords & scales all over the fretboard!
  • Discover the secrets for how to instantly change keys, break out of box position, and understand your favorite solos. 
  • Be trained on how to use your fretboard knowledge so you aren't just running scales but creating gut wrenching emotion with your music! 

And so much more!!

Ultimate Guitar Practice Routine

You can get the best guitar lessons in the world but if you break the "rules of learning" you wont get the results you want. Fortunately for you we are experts in the art and science for how to practice for maximum results. 

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Discover a simple framework for how to structure your practice sessions that keeps practice fun and effective
  • Discover the RULES OF LEARNING. If you break these rules you'll either not learn or it will be a slow and painful process 
  • How to prevent (or get out of) mindlessly messing around on your guitar without aim or focus with (hey we've all done it) 

And much much more!

Build Serious Speed

Whether it's speeding up your chord changes or having the skills to shred your favorite solos. Everyone wants to play guitar faster. Not only is it possible (despite age or hand size) it's actually easier than you think provided you build your skills the right way!

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Develop perfect technique so playing guitar is easy and natural regardless of hand size, shape, age, etc etc. 
  • Discover how to train your hands, ears, and rhythm to stay in sync when reaching shred speeds of 700+ notes per minute
  • How to train your hands to make micro movements so your fingers are faster and more precise. 

And so much more!!

Understand Music Theory

Understanding what you're doing as a musician is critical for your progress as well as for your musical confidence. Unfortunately theory is often taught in a way that makes it boring, unhelpful or downright confusing. Music theory is actually really easy and fun!  

With Guitar GPS you will discover:

  • The RIGHT concepts in the RIGHT order so you don't get overwhelmed or confused
  • How to bring it all together with what all the symbols mean, how chords flow, how chords & scales relate etc etc.  
  • How to USE theory so you can APPLY it to your own music or analyze your favorite tunes

And so much more!!

Rhythm & Timing

In music, if you can't keep a rhythm nothing will sound right, you'll always be distracted by your timing which will prevent you from progressing and you'll always been embarrassed about your guitar playing.

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Develop rock solid rhythm skills in your chord changes, strumming & progressions so you can play with confidence. 
  • Discover endless possibilities to make your licks & solos more expressive and never feel like your playing is boring again
  • Learn songs up to 5x faster! Yes - great rhythmic chops is one of the secrets for how some players learn songs so fast! 

Guitar GPS Gives You The Training You Need
So You Can Play How You Want

Aural Skills

(Ear Training)

With an untrained ear you'll always feel disconnected to the music and struggle to play how you want. Unfortunately many players skip developing their ear and some online methods even PREVENT your ear from developing by using visual play along software!

With Guitar GPS we will train your ear so you can...

  • Learn to play strum patterns & rhythms by ear!
  • Learn riffs, songs & solos by ear!
  • Play what you hear in your head 

Proven Method

Battle tested for over 14 years!

One of the biggest problems with learning guitar online is anyone can sell courses, make YouTube videos or give advice without having any in-person teaching experience or proof that their methods actually work.

With Guitar GPS...

  • Our method was developed from over 11,000 hrs of in-person teaching at SLC Guitar (local guitar school in SLC UT)
  • No B.S. Unproven concepts or filler lessons
  • Only the best most effective and efficient methods are used

Guitar GPS replaces the need for a private instructor or other online guitar lessons!

Holistic Learning

Instead of taking random lessons or courses that don't have the bigger picture in mind, everything at the Guitar GPS Method is part of an integrated whole. This way everything develops naturally and you never have to start over to fix what was skipped or feel like you have skills / kno   wledge you don't know how to use. 

With Guitar GPS you will...

  • Get the best training that will take you from A -> Z
  • Develop your skills, knowledge, & creativity
  • Avoid developing imbalances (or fix them) so you can play freely

And Here's Where It Gets Crazy

By developing your skills in a well rounded way, combined with direction for what to practice, your progress will utterly explode! 

If you ONLY progressed by 5% in each of the following areas on a weekly basis (very easy with our system) you'd make a whopping 70% progress in a single week! Which of course will start to compound from month to month! 🔥 🔥 

  • Rhythm & Timing +5%
  • Chords +5%
  • Speed +5%
  • Practice Effectiveness +5%
  • Technique +5%
  • Reading Music +5%
  • Fretboard Mastery +5%
  • Lead Guitar Techniques +5%
  • Improvisation / Soloing +5%
  • Rhythm Guitar Techniques +5%
  • Creativity +5%
  • Aural Skills +5%
  • Music Theory +5%
  • Performing / recording skills +5%

Don't Wait or Procrastinate Any Longer! Try The Guitar GPS Method 
And Experience Your Own Total Guitar Makeover!

Whether you're a complete beginner, struggled for years or have lots of bad habits;
if you will commit to the process, trust the method, and follow instructions I will get you the results you've been searching for!

Want To Hear What Players Like Yourself
Have To Say About The Guitar GPS Method?

Kaden W.
Started as a beginner

Derek M.
Played for 15yrs without much progress

Tyler G.
Stuck as an intermediate player

** Testimonials shown are real results & experiences of members of the Guitar GPS Method & students of SLC Guitar (our local guitar school).  
Please note that these results are not typical and your results will be based on your effort, ability to follow instructions, ask for help / feedback etc etc. 


Started later in life while running 4 businesses 

Check out these before and after results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For Absolute Beginners?

Yes! This is the exact training I've tested and refined at my local guitar school and it works 100% of the time.  If you will simply commit to practicing and follow the instructions you’ll be shocked at how quickly you start progress in every area of music. 


What If I Get Stuck Or Need Help?

You're on your own.. Just kidding!. We have a forum for asking questions and you can even join our private FB group to upload short video clips if you need someone to watch you play and give you feedback. 


Is This For Acoustic Or Electric?


As you reach higher levels we focus more on electric guitar in the rock, blues, and metal styles.

If you are interested in other styles at the higher levels the Guitar GPS Method will set the ground work for all styles and even for playing other instruments as we'll help you build real musical skills.

** Note, we do not teach  jazz, classical, or flamenco styles. 

Does Guitar GPS Listen To Me Play?

No,  and for good reason.

Music being a hearing art requires you to have a trained ear and software that will listen to you play or give you visuals to play along with may seem like a good idea but they cause more harm than good.

With the Guitar GPS Method you'll get points for developing your skills & proficiency as you learn in various courses which provide clarity on exactly where you're at and what the next step is. You'll also be able to see how its all coming together in your Reports Dashboard, see how you measure up with others on the Leaderboards, and get special Coins to unlock bonus lessons. 


Will This Work For Experienced Players?

Yes! It’s designed to fix the holes, gaps, and bad habits that are holding you back while simultaneously pushing your strengths forward.
And the beauty of it is you just go through the system and the trainings will draw out these problems and fix them. 

After you sign up there will be more direction on creating your learning path and you can always ask in the community for guidance.  

Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Definitely not. Thinking that you can only learn and excel at guitar if you start young is a huge myth. We have adult players starting brand new in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, even 70s who are crushing it. 

I've Been Burned In The Past... How Is This Different? 

First, most online courses haven't been tested and proven to work in the real world. The Guitar GPS Method is the result of what has been proven to work for over 15yrs and 11,000hrs of in person teaching at my local guitar school.

Second, my holistic approach is unlike anything you've seen. Most courses focus on 1 aspect and don't have the bigger picture in mind. Then if you buy another course from someone else to fill the gap they don't connect and you run into problems. 

Third: The Guitar GPS Method has been build on a custom platform because nothing on the market is centered around the nitty gritty of how people actually learn how skills are developed. 99% of online courses simply hosted on cookie cutter platforms that do a great job at getting you to buy them but not on delivering the promised results.

However, this all being said, if you're the type of person who buys courses then doesn't practice or follow instructions this wont work for you.  I get it for the reasons mentioned above but this isn't a magic pill.

If you want to play guitar,  you have to earn it like the rest of us...

How Do I Cancel?

Simply log in, go to your PROFILE (top right) and under MEMBERSHIP click cancel.