How To Make MASSIVE Progress On Your Guitar

With Less Effort In Less Time... 
Even If... You've Been Stuck In A Rut For Years
(Without hiring an expensive private instructor!)

After 10,000+ hrs of face to face teaching, I've cracked the code and created the ultimate method and system for transforming ordinary people into extra-ordinary guitar players

Develop your skills, knowledge, & creativity all at the same time while you progress through a leveled system. Get points for developing your skills, see progress reports, learn songs, play solos, and unleash your musical creativity! 

Proven Method That Gets Results

Clear RoadMap That Makes Progress

Gamified Approach That Makes Learning

Did You Know, the #1 cause for slow progress, frustration, and lack of motivation 
is a lack of clarity? 

Guitar GPS will give you the guidance and training you need to play how you want

Multi-Dimensional Training

Connect the dots as you develop your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVITY all at the same time.  And be TRAINED through the process so nothing is left to chance!

Progress & Proficiency Tracking

Have perfect clarity on where you're at and what the exact next step is to get better. This takes all the guess work out and prevents you from slow progress and frustration caused by lack of clarity!

Reports Dashboard

Get points for developing all your various skills, check your reports to see how your skills are developing and where your strengths & weaknesses lie!

Leveled Courses

All courses & lessons are leveled so you know where to start. Reach higher levels and new content will be introduced / unlocked so you learn the right stuff in the right order and avoid the frustration of skipping steps!

Learn Fun Songs

Instead of mindless finger drills to stretch or strengthen your hands, you'll develop all your core skills and knowledge as you learn fun songs!

 Feedback / Support

Join like minded guitarist, get your questions answered, get feedback on your playing, and never feel like you're on your own trying to figure it all out!

Steal Candy From A Baby Guarantee

After 30 days of using Guitar GPS, if you wouldn't steal candy from a baby to stay on as a member, you don't have to pay a penny.

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You'll Also Get Access To these 5 KILLER Bonuses

Killer Bonus #1

The Guitar Practice System

Discover a simple practice framework that will transform how you approach practicing and keep you motivated & focused

Learn how to: 

  • Why some players can get MORE out of 20min than what others get out of 2hrs
  •  How To manage your practicing if you don't have a lot of time to practice
  • How To manage your practicing if you do have a lot of time to practice and avoid wasting your time
  • How to effectively track progress so you are always clear on where you are and what the next step is
  • How to create weekly practice schedules that actually work
  • How To properly set GOALS to get you out of going in circles and working toward achieving bigger things

You can get the best guitar lessons in the world but if you practice wrong nothing will help you...

Lucky for you, with Guitar GPS you'll not only get high quality guitar lessons, you'll also learn the art of practicing 
so that you are sure to get the results you want

Killer Bonus #2

The Guitar Player Success Paths

Imagine having the clarity of a step by step checklist for EXACTLY what you are to do and how well you need to do it...

It would make getting better brain dead easy right?


Progress through 7 stages from absolutely ZERO to having skills in ALL area's of your playing. Technique, rhythm, picking, musical knowledge, trained ear, even basic compositional skills! If you can already play but are stuck at the beginner level this will also provide you the clarity on the holes/gaps/bad habits you have so you can finally move out the beginner stage!


Progress through 7 stages were we will get you CLEAR on what's holding you back, then take you through a CALIBRATION process where we fix bad habits, fill the holes and gaps, and even push your strengths forward. All happening simultaneously so practice is fun (and you don't feel like you're having to start over) 

Killer Bonus #3

50+ Kick Ass Bonus Lessons

  • 5 Effective Ways To Practice WITHOUT Your Guitar
  • How To Warm Up (The RIGHT WAY) And Avoid Wasting Time With Useless Finger Drills
  • The Simple Rule For When To Strum Up or Down
  • How To Make Up Your OWN Strum Patterns & Never Have To Look Up Strum Patterns Again
  • 27 Guitar Practice Secrets That Will Totally Transform Your Practice Sessions AND Progress
  • How To Organize Your Practice Area & Practice Binder To Avoid Overwhelm & Maximize Effectiveness
  • The 5 Second Fix That Will Solve 90% Your Hand Stretching / Small Hand Problems and Prevent Aches And Pains Too!
  • How To Use Rhythm To Build Tension In Your Music
  • What You Should Be THINKING When You Play Guitar (mess this up and you'll never play how you want)
  • How To Memorize FULL Songs Up To 5x Faster
  • How To Train Your Ear So You Can Learn Songs ON YOUR OWN Just By Listening
  • The Guitar Conspiracy For Why You Struggle To Play Full Songs From Memory (This One Is Crazy!)
  • Easy Fix To Get Rid Of Unwanted String Noise When Playing Lead Guitar
  • Shred Guitar Secrets: How To Train Your Hands To Play 700+ Notes Per Minute
  • 7 Ways To Train Your Ear (Works 100% Of The Time)
  • How To Prepare For A Jam Session So You Don't Look Like A Fool Or Noodle Around And Not Accomplish Anything
  • How To Prepare For A Performance And Avoid Making Unnecessary Mistakes (or embarrassing yourself)
  • How To Play What You Hear In Your Head
  • Easy To Use "Phrasing Templates" That will INSTANTLY Make You Sound Like A Pro (and you'll never look at lead guitar the same again) 
  • How To Properly Do Bends & Vibratos And Avoid Looking (and sounding) Like An Amateur 
  • How To Master Note Choice When Improvising And Avoid Noodling Around (or sounding like another hack at Guitar Center) 
  • How To EASILY Play All Over The Fretboard and Change Keys On A Dime (This will change EVERYTHING for you)

And so much more!!

Killer Bonus #4

Access To Over 2,000 Audio Training Tracks

Some online guitar lessons actually ruin your guitar playing by having you play along to visual software... 
Music isn't about watching... It's HEARING ART that requires you to have a trained ear so you can FEEL the music
and I'm going to make sure you develop the skills so you can play how you want!

You'll Get: 

  •  Rhythm training Tracks: To build solid rhythm skills in your hands & ear from the ground up! 
  • Chord Training Tracks: Simultaneously speed up chord changes, learn music theory, and train your ear to hear progressions! 
  • Improvisation Training Tracks: To build improvisation skills from the ground up so you sound like a pro (vs noodling with backing tracks on youtube because they go too fast for you to intelligently target chord tones) 
  • Kickstart Tracks: Audio play along tracks for songs & riffs at various speeds so you can develop your coordination, rhythm and aural skills! 

Killer Bonus #5

Chance To Win A FREE Lesson With Preston Each Month!

When you get access to Guitar GPS you'll get access to our MONTHLY CHALLENGE and the winner gets a FREE lesson with Preston. Can be via ZOOM or if you are in the area it can also be in person!

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Here`s What People Are Saying

Better Than Private Lessons
My teen has been taking private lessons at a local guitar school for years. His instructor told me this week he's made more progress in the past 3 months than the past 5 years and can't figure out what happened...

We started using Guitar GPS
- Parent
It'll be the best thing you've ever done for your guitar playin
I remember coming here and having a hard time strumming chords, and now I can play all the songs I want!
Kaden W.
Better than private lessons
I had previous guitar lessons with a music school for about 5 yrs. I think Preston could have taught me everything they did in less than a year...
Randy S.

About Preston Howard

Preston Howard started playing guitar in 1999 and has owned a guitar school since 2010.  Since that time has helped over 2,000 players learn how to play the guitar. 

Working face to face with players of all ages & backgrounds provided him the unique opportunity to find what gets players the quickest results in ALL area's of their playing.  

Now he has systematized his processes that has been proven to work 100% of the time and is bringing his groundbreaking method ONLINE to help others learn guitar anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of in person guitar lessons.  

Let Me Show You What You'll Get Access To
When You Sign UP For Guitar GPS Method Today!

25+ Leveled Courses Using Multi-Dimensional Training 
 To Seamlessly Build Your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, And CREATIVITY 
In A FUN Gamified System That Will Keep You CLEAR On Where You're At And What The Next Step Is To Get Better

500+ Lessons With Video Tutorials, PDFs, and Detailed MISSIONS ($3,997 Value) 
Killer Bonus #1 The Guitar Practice System ($397 Value)
Killer Bonus #2 Guitar Player Success Paths ($497 Value)
Killer Bonus #3 Over 50 Bonus Lessons ($1,350 Value) 
Killer Bonus #4 Over 2,000 Audio Training Tracks ($1,997 Value)
Killer Bonus #5 Chance To Win A Free Lesson w/ Preston Each Month ($125 Value)
PLUS Unlimited Support & Ability To Upload Videos For Feedback (Saving YEARS of frustration)

Total Value: $8363

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Steal Candy From A Baby Guarantee

After 30 days of using Guitar GPS, if you wouldn't steal candy from a baby to stay on as a member, you don't have to pay a penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Can't Read Music?

There are multiple ways for reading music. We'll teach you the easiest first called Tablature (takes 3min to learn) then as you progress you'll be introduced to more advanced methods. Our goal is to get you learning and having fun asap while also providing you a real musical education.


What If I Have A Lot Of Bad Habits?

Most bad habits are simple fixes as long as you get the RIGHT info and are willing to SLOW DOWN and fix them in the "calibration process." 


What Styles Will I Learn?

You'll be exposed to all styles such as rock, pop, metal, blues, finger style, etc. Higher level courses will have specific courses on different styles. 

Note, If you have a solid foundation in all areas of playing you can play any style you want - this is how others do it and you can too!  

What If I Get Stuck Or Need Help?

You're on your own.. Just kidding!. We have a forum for asking questions and you can even join our private FB group to upload short video clips if you need someone to watch you play and give you feedback. 


What Are The Lessons Like?

Although it can depend on the course and the topic at hand 
Generally lessons will have:
- VIDEO with clear explanation / demonstration
- PDF's print outs (if lesson calls for it)
- AUDIO KICKSTART TRACKS to play along with at various speeds (if lesson calls for it)
- MISSIONS (detailed breakdown for what you are to do and how well)


How Quickly Will Learn A Song?

Your first day! We want to get you up and playing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  


How Do I Know It Will Work For Me?

I have a 100% success rate in developing the musical skills required to play any song as well as shred, improvise etc etc.

IF you are willing to following my system
and put in the work

** However, if you are looking cheap "hacks" or  to  "play like ____ famous player in 21 days" this is NOT for you.  psst (it takes longer that 21 days...)


How Is This Different Than Other Guitar Teaching Sites?

1. Method is tested in the real world from over 10,000hrs of face to teaching experience (many online teachers have never taught anyone face to face and many who have have not developed a system for predictable results. 

2. You'll simultaneously develop your SKILL, KNOWLEDGE & CREATIVITY. Most online courses / lessons don't take a holistic approach to learning music. 

3. You'll learn fun songs to develop your skills (not mindless finger drills)

4. There is ONE mastermind behind the creation of the courses. (Platforms with many instructors pull you in different directions and/or lack a systematic progression to take you from  where you are to a high level of playing. Whether you're a total beginner or an intermediate who's got a lot of holes / gaps and bad habits.

5. The entire system is GAMIFIED with custom software which will track how all your skills are developing giving you the clarity of where you are and what you need to do to get better. (99% of online guitar lessons are hosted on cookie cutter platforms that don't and can't have this capability.

Not many teaching sites can make the claim that its 10x more effective than your private instructor. Yes, you can literally fire your guitar teacher and just use Guitar GPS and you'll get better results in the comfort of your own home for MUCH cheaper!