What's Included

  • 25 Courses (more in development!)
  • 573 Chord & improvisation training tracks
  • 1,500+ Audio play along tracks
  • Detail Practice Missions
  • Leaderboards
  • Gamified Practice System
  • 450+ Lessons
  • 77 Rhythm training tracks 
  • Practice tools
  • Progress Tracking
  • Proficiency Tracking
  • Unlimited Help / Feedback

Plus a MONTHLY CHALLENGE to win a FREE lesson
(either in person or zoom)

How The System Works 

Progress through a leveled system, get points for developing your skills, see progress reports, learn songs, play solos, and unleash your musical creativity!

With our gamified practice system you'll have a CLEAR path for how to get better and have a clear picture of your strengths & weaknesses so you always know what to do next.

How The Lessons Work

1. Progress Tracking
2. Video Tutorials
3. PDF Print Outs
4. Missions 
(detailed practice instructions)
5. Kickstart tracks 
(audio play along tracks at various speeds)
6. Proficiency Tracking

Sample lesson

Lesson structure may vary depending on the course and lesson

Why Choose Guitar GPS?


ONE Mastermind Teacher 
not 100's of teachers pulling you in different directions


proven in the real world with everyday learners
not random guitar stuff from online guru's or a method that hasn't been tested in person


A Seamlessly Integrated Method
not a bunch of random courses or lessons that don't have the bigger picture in mind


Multi-Dimensional Learning 
Develop all your skills and knowledge in a systematic way and avoid developing bad habits, imbalances, and holes in your playing


Progress & Proficiency Tracking
So you always know EXACTLY what to do to get better

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