Best Way To Learn Songs On Guitar

Instead of mindless finger drills or boring music theory,
discover a killer system that will use SONGS to develop
all your core skills and knowledge

3 Skills You MUST Have To
Play Songs On Guitar

(ear training)

If you struggle to play songs on guitar 
you are lacking in these 3 skills 

When most people learn songs on guitar they usually go to YouTube or Ultimate Guitar and just learn where to move their fingers. 

Playing guitar is obviously more than that...

If you don't also develop your musical skills, learning songs will be WAY harder
(and take WAY longer)

But even worse, it makes everything else virtually impossible... 
 (playing solos, jamming with friends, improvising, writing music etc etc)

Using my Multi-Dimensional pedagogy we'll build all your core skills using SONGS! No more boring finger drills or mindless finger exercises!  You'll learn FULL songs, learn them faster, play them better, and develop the skills to totally master the guitar. 

What Songs Will I Learn?

While the goal is to build the skills you need so you can learn / play any song you want, 
 we have an ever growing curriculum of close to 300 songs in a variety of genres such as:


Classic Rock, Blues Rock , Punk Rock, ALT Rock, Grunge

Such as: AC/DC, The Beatles, Dire Straits, Guns & Roses, Greenday, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, The White Strips, ZZ Top etc


Metal, Hair metal, Power metal,  Thrash Metal

Black Sabbath, Cinderella, Dio, Europe, Heart, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy,  Rammestien, The Scorpions, Sabaton, Van Halen etc


Pop, Pop Rock

Avicci, Backstreet Boys, Ed Sherran, Elvis Presley, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift,

What Musical Skills Will I Learn?


  • Perfect technique (avoid pain & play with ease)
  • Stretch and strengthen hands/fingers
  • Best finger placement and why
  • Best pick/strum directions and why
  • Picking single notes
  • Finger dexterity and coordination
  • How to perfectly execute techniques
  • Finger precision, control, and endurance
  • Seamless Integration so you can just play
  • And more!


  • Whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16th notes 
  • Tuplet rhythms 
  • Rests, ties, staccato, grace notes etc
  • Time signatures
  • Tapping your foot & playing by feel
  • Playing with a metronome
  • Development of rhythmic "CHOPS"
  • Integration of rhythm into everything you play (chords, single notes, techniques etc)
  • And more!


  • Train ear to play with a metronome
  • Train your ear to HEAR rhythms
  • How to recognize phrasing techniques
  • How to transcribe music (learn it by ear)
  • How to learn notes and chords by ear
  • How to play what's in your head
  • Learn to hear FASTER
  • How to learn rhythms & strum patterns by ear
  • How to learn songs on your own - BY EAR (most teachers / online sites don't want you to have this skill!)
  • And more!

Plus, How to practice effectively and tricks to learning and remembering better!
I'll even sprinkle in music theory, fretboard, and other skills so when you want to start doing other things you will already be prepared!

And the best part? I've done all the work so you don't have to. You don't have to wonder how to practice these concepts or in what order. You just go through the system!

How Do The Lessons Work?

Here's a sample lesson for "Crazy Train" by Ozzy

1. PROGRESS TRACKING: Never waste time wondering where you left off.

2. Video Tutorials: Step-by-step instruction, explanations, and demonstrations so you are crystal clear on what to do. 

3. PDF Printouts: Print out your songs, progress trackers, and practice sheets if you prefer hard copies. 

4. MISSIONS: For each lesson, know precisely what your "job" is and how well to do it before moving on. 

5. KICKSTART TRACKS: Audio practice tracks at various speeds with which you can play along to train your ear & rhythm.

6. Proficiency TRACKING: Track how well you can play the material and how all your various skills are developing.

AND MORE! Whether you just want to learn songs, write music, learn by ear, shred, master the fretboard,  or improvise with confidence, The Guitar GPS Method will get you the results you are after!

PLUS, if you get stuck you can simply ask questions in our online-community or upload a short video clip of your playing and well provide expert level feedback. 

It's never been easier to learn songs on guitar

My chords have improved a lot!
When I started, my chord changes weren't terrible but they definitely were sloppy and then my bar chords were like no way,... But now I can do them and on an acoustic too!
Gabrielle R.
It'll be the best thing you've ever done for your guitar playin
I remember coming here and having a hard time strumming chords, and now I can play all the songs I want!
Kaden W.
Better than private lessons
I had previous guitar lessons with a music school for about 5 yrs. I think Preston could have taught me everything they did in less than a year...
Randy S.

Remember, You Get My Famous
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For Absolute Beginners?

Yes! This is the exact training I've tested and refined at my local guitar school and it works 100% of the time.  If you will simply commit to practicing and follow the instructions you’ll be shocked at how quickly you start progress in every area of music. 


What If I Get Stuck Or Need Help?

You're on your own.. Just kidding!. We have a forum for asking questions and you can even join our private FB group to upload short video clips if you need someone to watch you play and give you feedback. 


What Styles Will I Learn?

As you go through the foundational courses you'll be trained to play to popular styles such as rock, pop, metal, blues, finger style, etc. 

Higher level courses will focus more on rock and metal :) 

** Note, we do not teach  jazz, classical, or flamenco styles. 

Is There Visual Play Along Software?

No.  These are gimmicks and will actually ruin your guitar playing... Music is a hearing art and when you use technology to WATCH the music as you play causes your ear to never develop. This is VERY bad. 

Instead, we will build your ear from the ground up so you can hear if you are doing things wrong. You'll have audio play along tracks at different speeds you can use, and it's highly recommended to upload a short video of you playing / passing off a lesson for feedback from other musicians who are learning just like you. 


How Do I Cancel?

Simply log in, go to your PROFILE (top right) and under MEMBERSHIP click cancel. 


Will this Work For Experienced Players?

Yes! It’s designed to fix the holes, gaps, and bad habits that are holding you back while simultaneously pushing your strengths forward.
 And the beauty of it is you just go through the system you don't have to think about HOW to practice or USE the concepts. Those will be your "MISSIONS". After you sign up there will be more direction on creating your learning path and you can always ask in the community for guidance.

What If I have A Lot Of Bad Habits?

Most bad habits are simple fixes as long as you get the right info and are willing to SLOW DOWN and fix them in the "calibration process." 

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Expect to see real tangible results in as little as 1 week. Some even
experience a total transformation in as little as 3months. 

Like the magic of compound interest, as you progress in ALL areas things start to come together VERY fast. 

However, results vary depending on how much you practice and how well you follow the instruction.  

If you do not see results within 1 week contact support @ or make a post in the FB group so we can get you on the right path!

How Is This Different Than Other Guitar Teaching Sites?

  • Complete holistic approach that builds and integrates your skills, knowledge, and creativity so you don’t develop holes and gaps or end up with skills you don’t know how to use.
  • A leveled system so you don’t practice material beyond your skill level and get frustrated. 
  • There is only ONE teacher who is an expert in the art and science of how to learn. This way there is no conflicting advice or disconnect for how to go from beginner to highly advanced.   
  • Your teacher (Preston) can play at a high level and has taught many to play beyond what they ever thought possible. He knows what works and has sifted through the B.S so you don’t have to.
  • Every minute detail has been tested with in-person students for years so there is no filler or unproven philosophies. This way you can have full confidence it will work for you. 
  • Impeccable guidance and structure so you are always crystal clear on WHERE you're at in your development and WHAT and HOW you need to practice to get better. 
  • No gimmicks that actually ruin your progress and musicianship e.g. visual play along software

    Guitar GPS Method so dialed in you literally just have to show up and go through the system and it everything will come together!