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5 Ways To Learn Full Songs Fast

For electric guitar players who want to play like a pro without wasting time with ineffective practice

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I've learned more in 3 years than the past 30 years before signing up. You get a planned out and proven path, and a well-rounded music education.

Bill B.

Now I can play all over the fretboard in any key, spice up my favorite songs, and even jam with my daughter when she plays piano!

Derek M. 

This program is especially perfect for those like me - floundering intermediate players who have plateaued and need direction.

Tyler G. 

How I Learn Full Songs On Guitar Fast

Preston Howard

Hi, I'm Preston

Here’s the brutal truth about photography:

Nobody will just magically find you and care about your work because you publish some shots.

You actually have to stand out... which is hard, because the world is oversaturated with photographs.

And we, as photographers have busy lives just like everyone else...

So we have less time to take better photos... photos that matter. 

Some people take tons of pictures and it's a game of numbers... they think, "If I just take enough of them, then at least one is bound to be perfect."

Some people practice, practice, practice until they become seasoned photographers.

Both strategies can work, but I find that they don't solve the problem of time. There's never enough of it, and it's hard to keep up, let alone get ahead and make a solid living off of photography...

So what's the alternative?

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