I'll build your guitar skills, knowledge and creativity
using my unique holistic approach and keep you clear
on What To practice next with my gamified guitar practice system

Watch this short video for a walk through of the Guitar GPS site

  • Master The Fundamentals In ALL Areas (chord changes, rhythm & timing, technique
  • Train Your Ear (so you can play what's in your head or learn songs by ear)
  • Learn Cool Songs to develop your core skills & knowledge
  • Master The Fretboard so you can play chords & scales all over the fretboard, change keys on a dime, and understand your fav solos)
  • Understand How Music Works and Why so you can write your own music or understand your favorite songs
  • Learn How To Solo so you can play your favorite solos or make your own!

And so much more!

Here's How It Works

Develop your skills, knowledge, & creativity all at the same time while you progress through a leveled system. Get points for developing your skills, see progress reports, learn songs, play solos, and unleash your musical creativity! 

Proven Method That Gets Results

Clear RoadMap That Makes Progress

Gamified Approach That Makes Learning

Steal Candy From A Baby Guarantee

After 30 days of using Guitar GPS, if you wouldn't steal candy from a baby to stay on as a member, you don't have to pay a penny.

Try for 30days for just $1

Multi-Dimensional Training

Develop your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVITY all at the same time in a complete holistic approach. Say goodbye to bad habits, holes, and gaps that hold you back!

Progress & Proficiency Tracking

Gain perfect clarity on where you're at and what the exact next step is to get better. Never get lost in the details again as Guitar GPS takes all the guess work out of what to practice next!

Reports Dashboard

Get points for developing all your various skills, check your reports to see how all your skills are developing and where your strengths & weaknesses lie!  

Leveled Courses

Progress through a leveled system of courses. Unlock new concepts and avoid the common pitfall of skipping steps or learning concepts out of order. 

Learn Fun Songs

Learn fun songs to develop your core skills and knowledge. Say goodbye to boring finger drills and exercises!

Feedback / Support

Join like-minded guitarists, get your questions answered, and never feel like you're on your own trying to figure it all out!  

You can also upload clips of your playing for feedback so you can be sure you're doing things right!

Guitar GPS is the ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine!

  • Accommodates to your skill level
  • Content and training changes as you get better
  • Fills in the holes and gaps as you progress
  • Builds your skills, knowledge, and creativity
  • Prevents bad habits and pitfalls
  • Provides clarity every step of the way

And the best part... You never have to plan ANYTHING! 
You just progress through the system!

when you sign up today 
You'll Also Get Access To These KILLER Bonuses

Killer Bonus #1

The Guitar Practice System

Discover a simple practice framework that will transform how you approach practicing and keep you motivated & focused

Learn how to: 

  • Why some players can get MORE out of 20min than what others get out of 2hrs
  •  How To manage your practicing if you don't have a lot of time to practice
  • How To manage your practicing if you do have a lot of time to practice and avoid wasting your time
  • How to effectively track progress so you are always clear on where you are and what the next step is
  • How to create weekly practice schedules that actually work
  • How To properly set GOALS to get you out of going in circles and working toward achieving bigger things

You can get the best guitar lessons in the world but if you practice wrong nothing will help you...

Lucky for you, with Guitar GPS you'll not only get high quality guitar lessons, you'll also learn the art of practicing 
so that you are sure to get the results you want

Killer Bonus #2

50+ Kick Ass Bonus Lessons

  • 5 Effective Ways To Practice WITHOUT Your Guitar
  • How To Warm Up (The RIGHT WAY) And Avoid Wasting Time With Useless Finger Drills
  • The Simple Rule For When To Strum Up or Down
  • How To Make Up Your OWN Strum Patterns & Never Have To Look Up Strum Patterns Again
  • 27 Guitar Practice Secrets That Will Totally Transform Your Practice Sessions AND Progress
  • The 5 Second Fix That Will Solve 90% Your Hand Stretching / Small Hand Problems and Prevent Aches And Pains Too!
  • What You Should Be THINKING When You Play Guitar (mess this up and you'll never play how you want)
  • How To Memorize FULL Songs Up To 5x Faster
  • How To Train Your Ear So You Can Learn Songs ON YOUR OWN Just By Listening
  • The Guitar Conspiracy For Why You Struggle To Play Full Songs From Memory (This One Is Crazy!)
  • Easy Fix To Get Rid Of Unwanted String Noise When Playing Lead Guitar
  • Shred Guitar Secrets: How To Train Your Hands To Play 700+ Notes Per Minute
  • 7 Ways To Train Your Ear (Works 100% Of The Time)
  • How To Prepare For A Jam Session So You Don't Look Like A Fool Or Noodle Around And Not Accomplish Anything
  • How To Prepare For A Performance And Avoid Making Unnecessary Mistakes (or embarrassing yourself)
  • How To Play What You Hear In Your Head
  • Easy To Use "Phrasing Templates" That will INSTANTLY Make You Sound Like A Pro (and you'll never look at lead guitar the same again) 
  • How To Properly Do Bends & Vibratos And Avoid Looking (and sounding) Like An Amateur 
  • How To EASILY Play All Over The Fretboard and Change Keys On A Dime (This will change EVERYTHING for you)

And so much more!!

Killer Bonus #3

Access To Over 2,000 Audio Training Tracks

Did you know, one of the biggest reasons beginners struggle and intermediate players hit a wall 
is their EAR was never properly trained?

When You Sign Up For Guitar GPS You'll Get: 

  •  Rhythm training Tracks: To build solid rhythm skills in your hands & ear from the ground up! 
  • Chord Training Tracks: Simultaneously speed up chord changes, learn music theory, and train your ear to hear progressions! 
  • Improvisation Training Tracks: To build improvisation skills from the ground up so you sound like a pro (vs noodling with backing tracks on youtube because they go too fast for you to intelligently target chord tones) 
  • Kickstart Tracks: Audio play along tracks for songs & riffs at various speeds so you can develop your coordination, rhythm and aural skills! 

Killer Bonus #5

Chance To Win A FREE Lesson With Preston Each Month!

When you get access to Guitar GPS you'll get access to our MONTHLY CHALLENGE and the winner gets a FREE lesson with Preston. Can be via ZOOM or if you are in the area it can also be in person!

 Try for 30 days for just $1

Here`s What People Are Saying

I've learned more in 3yrs than the past 30yrs before signing up
"You get a planned out and proven path, and a well rounded music education!
Bill B.
I'm addicted!
"Now I can play all over the fretboard in any key, spice up my fav songs and even jam with my daughter when she plays piano!
Derek M.
Better than private lessons
"I had previous guitar lessons with a music school for about 5 yrs. I think Preston could have taught me everything they did & more in less than a year."
Randy S.

About Preston Howard

Preston Howard started playing guitar in 1999 and has owned a guitar school since 2010.  Since that time has helped over 2,000 players learn how to play the guitar. 

With over 11,000hrs of face to face teaching experience he's had the unique opportunity to find what gets players the quickest results in ALL area's of their playing.  

Now he has systematized his processes that has been proven to work 100% of the time and is bringing his groundbreaking method ONLINE to help others learn guitar anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of in person guitar lessons.  

Let Me Show You What You'll Get Access To
When You Sign UP For Guitar GPS Method Today!

25+ Leveled Courses Using Multi-Dimensional Training 
 To Seamlessly Build Your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, And CREATIVITY 
In A FUN Gamified System That Will Keep You CLEAR On Where You're At And What The Next Step Is To Get Better

600+ Lessons With Video Tutorials, PDFs, and Detailed MISSIONS ($3,997 Value) 
Killer Bonus #1 The Guitar Practice System ($397 Value)
Killer Bonus #2 Guitar Player Success Paths ($497 Value)
Killer Bonus #3 Over 50 Bonus Lessons ($1,350 Value) 
Killer Bonus #4 Over 2,000 Audio Training Tracks ($1,997 Value)
Killer Bonus #5 Chance To Win A Free Lesson w/ Preston Each Month ($125 Value)
PLUS Unlimited Support & Ability To Upload Videos For Feedback (Saving YEARS of frustration)

Total Value: $8363

Get FULL VIP Access For 30 Days For Only $1
Then $47 month 

Remember, You Get My Famous
Steal Candy From A Baby Guarantee

After 30 days of using Guitar GPS, if you wouldn't steal candy from a baby to stay on as a member, you don't have to pay a penny.

 Try for 30 days for just $1

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For Absolute Beginners?

Yes! This is the exact training I've tested and refined at my local guitar school and it works 100% of the time.  If you will simply commit to practicing and follow the instructions you’ll be shocked at how quickly you start progress in every area of music. 


What If I Get Stuck Or Need Help?

You're on your own.. Just kidding!. We have a forum for asking questions and you can even join our private FB group to upload short video clips if you need someone to watch you play and give you feedback. 


What Styles Will I Learn?

As you go through the foundational courses you'll be trained to play to popular styles such as rock, pop, metal, blues, finger style, etc. 

Higher level courses will focus more on rock and metal :) 

** Note, we do not teach  jazz, classical, or flamenco styles. 

Is There Visual Play Along Software?

No.  These are gimmicks and will actually ruin your guitar playing... Music is a hearing art and when you use technology to WATCH the music as you play causes your ear to never develop. This is VERY bad. 

Instead, we will build your ear from the ground up so you can hear if you are doing things wrong. You'll have audio play along tracks at different speeds you can use, and it's highly recommended to upload a short video of you playing / passing off a lesson for feedback from other musicians who are learning just like you. 


How Do I Cancel?

Simply log in, go to your PROFILE (top right) and under MEMBERSHIP click cancel. 


Will this Work For Experienced Players?

Yes! It’s designed to fix the holes, gaps, and bad habits that are holding you back while simultaneously pushing your strengths forward.
 And the beauty of it is you just go through the system you don't have to think about HOW to practice or USE the concepts. Those will be your "MISSIONS". After you sign up there will be more direction on creating your learning path and you can always ask in the community for guidance.

What If I have A Lot Of Bad Habits?

Most bad habits are simple fixes as long as you get the right info and are willing to SLOW DOWN and fix them in the "calibration process." 

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Expect to see real tangible results in as little as 1 week. Some even
experience a total transformation in as little as 3months. 

Like the magic of compound interest, as you progress in ALL areas things start to come together VERY fast. 

However, results vary depending on how much you practice and how well you follow the instruction.  

If you do not see results within 1 week contact support @ guitargpsmethod.com or make a post in the FB group so we can get you on the right path!

How Is This Different Than Other Guitar Teaching Sites?

  • Complete holistic approach that builds and integrates your skills, knowledge, and creativity so you don’t develop holes and gaps or end up with skills you don’t know how to use.
  • A leveled system so you don’t practice material beyond your skill level and get frustrated. 
  • There is only ONE teacher who is an expert in the art and science of how to learn. This way there is no conflicting advice or disconnect for how to go from beginner to highly advanced.   
  • Your teacher (Preston) can play at a high level and has taught many to play beyond what they ever thought possible. He knows what works and has sifted through the B.S so you don’t have to.
  • Every minute detail has been tested with in-person students for years so there is no filler or unproven philosophies. This way you can have full confidence it will work for you. 
  • Impeccable guidance and structure so you are always crystal clear on WHERE you're at in your development and WHAT and HOW you need to practice to get better. 
  • No gimmicks that actually ruin your progress and musicianship e.g. visual play along software

    Guitar GPS Method so dialed in you literally just have to show up and go through the system and it everything will come together!