How To Speed Up Your Fingers
And Improve Accuracy

EVEN IF... You're Stuck In A Rut and NOTHING Seems To Work

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Course Enrollments close on May 1st 2023

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You missed out!

Hands Slow or Fall Out Of Sync?
Have Finger Pain or Hands Tire Easily?
Lack The Technical Ability To Play Lead?

You're In The RIGHT Place!

👇 Can you relate to this 👇

  • Your hands are slow and sloppy
  • The pick gets caught in the strings
  • Your hands won't sync up (especially when speeding up)
  • You aren't consistent with your accuracy & finger placement
  • You struggle to keep time and stay on the beat
  • You aren't clear on what to do to get better so you find yourself "going in circles"
  • Playing feels awkward and unnatural and it makes you wonder if it's because you lack
    "natural talent," or if maybe you're just too old to learn... (not true)

You've got all these guitar problems going on
 and what do people tell you when you ask for help...

Keep it up!

It doesn't make sense to "practice more" if you're going about it
 the wrong way 🚫

Yes, you need to practice more but...

You need to practice the RIGHT STUFF 
(no gimmicks or B.S. from arm chair experts)

(no skipping steps) 


(no messing around without aim or focus and/or working against how the human hand works)

Hey what's up, my name is Preston and if you can relate to anything I wrote above
 I know EXACTLY what you're going through. 

Starting at age 15 and coming from an athletic family
NOTHING in music made sense to me...

Despite practicing for HOURS everyday
My friends actually encouraged me to QUIT

Yea I was that bad.

I tried books, I tried teachers...
(I actually went through 11 teachers... Yes 11!)😅

I even developed mild carpal tunnel syndrome
because my technique was so bad 🤬

Now from playing guitar for 22yrs and owning a guitar school since 2010 
I've cracked the code for how to build finger strength, coordination, and speed

and I've taken all my expertise and created a KILLER program
to help players just like you.

Finger Fitness For Guitar

Finger Fitness For Guitar is an online guitar course that will  build your finger dexterity, flexibility, accuracy, and strength, while simultaneously developing your technique, rhythm, and aural skills. 

Oh yea... And it's been BATTLE TESTED and PROVEN to work in the real world both with my own playing and students 
at my local guitar school!

Needless to say... It ROCKS

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 3 killer bonuses! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up you'll get immediate access so you can start getting better today! Expect the course to take anywhere from
4-8mo to complete 
(depends on your current skills / how much you practice)

After you complete this course EVERYTHING on the guitar will be SO much easier and you'll be amazed at how everything seems to just flow

Effortlessly play what you want

No more struggling to get your fingers to do what you want, dealing with achy hands, stiff fingers, sloppy picking, poor precision, slow fingers etc etc. Finger Fitness For Guitar will get your fingers and hands in shape so you can just play!

Feel confident about your abilities

Never feel embarrassed when someone asks you to play again! You'll be able to play well, in time, execute with precision, and feel great about your abilities.

Develop your musicianship

Instead of give you a bunch of mindless finger exercises you'll get ONLY what works AND you'll also develop your RHYTHM & AURAL skills. Because if you can't keep a rhythm or hear like a musician you'll hack up everything you play.  

Have A Roadmap For Practicing

You'll know EXACTLY what to practice, how to practice and what your TARGETS are. Not only will this CLARITY give you tons of motivation to practice but your progress will go through the roof!

Here’s what people are saying... 

Derek M.

Music has never been more fun!

I've noticed my abilities have improved greatly, I noticed within a month, now I'm doing things I never thought possible!

Kaden W.

My speed has improved dramatically!

Before I wasn't really fast at anything, almost every song I knew how to play sucked. A couple years ago my mind would've been blown by the stuff I'm learning now!


The speed has definitely improved!

Knowing how to practice the right way and what to practice has been super helpful. I can definitely play a lot faster than I thought I would!

So What Do You Get?

When you get the FINGER FITNESS FOR GUITAR course you're going to get 
6 modules, 35 video trainings, and detailed instructions so you know exactly WHAT and HOW to practice. 


Module 1: Getting CLEAR On The Process For Guitar Mastery

In this module we will focus on getting CLEAR for how to approach the process. Many times players get stuck and / or fail simply because they approach it all the wrong way. But this won't be you as I'll guide you through the process of developing your skills every step of the way.

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Lesson 1: Welcome To Finger Fitness For Guitar
Lesson 2: Which Finger Exercises Gadgets Help You Get Better Faster (Answer May Surprise You!)
Lesson 3: What Every YouTube Guru DOESN"T Want You To Know
Lesson 4: The #1 Secret For How To Build Coordination
Lesson 5: What Causes Finger Pain, Cramps, and Low Endurance
Lesson 6: How To Build Calluses Fast
Lesson 7: How To Reprogram Bad Habits

And Much Much More!!!


Module 2: Technique & Picking Hand Calibration

In this module we'll focus on the picking hand... Very often players neglect to develop their picking hand because the fret hand "APPEARS" to do more but it's only 50% of the equation...


Module 3: The SHRED WEDGE

In the module I'll work you through a tried and true process to get your hands and your mind to SPEED UP! One of the biggest reasons why this  works so well is because of what you learned and the skills you developed from modules 1 and 2. 


Module 4: Playing Single Notes [Part 1] 

In the module we'll train both your picking hand, your fret hand, and SYNC them up. This module will be a total game changer for your guitar playing as you'll rely on the skills developed here for the rest of your guitar playing life!


Module 5: Playing Single Notes [Part 2] 

In this module we'll pick up where we left off in Part 1. The drills and the rhythms will get harder as we continue to develop your coordination, your rhythm, your speed, and your technique in a variety of ways and contexts to add depth to your playing. 


Module 6: Building Coordination For Chord Changes

In this module we'll go over specific drills for speeding up and smoothing our your chord changes. Just by going through the other modules your chord changes will have drastically improved but we will get into specifics in this module.


But what if I'm a bit older and NOTHING has worked to get my hands in shape?
What if I can't keep time even if my life depends on it?
What if have questions or want feedback?

I want to make sure that I leave NOTHING to chance here  
so I've put together 3 KILLER bonuses that I'll hook you up with FOR FREE
so you are TOTALLY set up for success.  

Bonus 1
Advanced Unlocking Techniques

If you have a special case of hands just not wanting to cooperate these advanced techniques and drills will unlock even the most stubborn and stiff hands and fingers. The majority of issues will be solved in the main course but I want to leave NOTHING to chance!

Bonus 2
Rhythm Kickstart Tracks

The #1 reason why guitar players struggle at the basic level is their rhyhtm skills. So I am including 63 rhythm audio tracks to train you to PHYSICALLY keep a rhythm, to FEEL the rhythms and to HEAR rhythm.


Bonus 3
Exclusive Access To Our Facebook Group

If you have a question or need feedback I won't leave you hanging to  get advice from online arm chair experts who either have never taught anyone or don't understand the killer strategies you'll have access to.  Instead you'll get access to an expert guitar coach and our group of players.

About The Course Teacher,
Preston Howard

Preston Howard has played guitar for over 22 years, had 11 guitar teachers, studied music in college, is part of a global community of music school owners, has owned a guitar school since 2010 and has directly worked with over 1,000 guitar players.    

Since he began teaching he has developed his own unique and systematic approach to mastering the guitar that has been proven to get extra-ordinary results 100% of the time. 

This approach which he calls, "MULTI-DIMENSIONAL GUITAR TRAINING" is the result of testing and observing what gets his students the quickest results in ALL AREAS of their guitar playing, musicianship, and creativity both in the short term and long term. 

Here’s what people are saying about
 learning from Preston

Nathan M.

You won't find a better way to learn the guitar!

The improvement I made in just the first month was light years ahead I had previously learned and leaps and bounds ahead of anything I expected.  Preston puts things in a specific order and teaches them in a way that makes sense so that the optics connect to each other

Gary L. 

Preston is a "STAND UP" Guy.

I wanted to learn to play when I turned 50 and started at a local guitar stare. I learned a few things but wasn't progressing as I wanted. I found Preston and he as been GREAT! I highly recommend Preston.


Bill B. 

He can even train an older guy like me!

I've learned more with Preston than I did in the past 30+ years which when I look back 90% was just a waste of time. You will get a planned out and proven path and a well rounded (yes you need that) music education. I could go on, but if you want to play well this is the place. 

How Does 100% Success Rate Sound? 😲

Most courses can't make that kind of claim because
they haven't PROVEN their methods in the real world. 

But because I have worked with over a 1000 students face to face I've been able to crack the code on what works FOR EVERYONE 100% of the time. 

** Note, this course isn't magic... OBVIOUSLY have to do YOUR part by practicing 
and practicing how I show you.
(Don't worry it's easy)

Ok... So what does it cost?

If you were to come to my school, lock me up, and demand I give you all this information
I charge $100hr for private lessons and there's about 4hrs of content which would make it roughly $400.

But to be fair... You'd forget pretty much everything I'd tell you so you'd end up paying me
WAY more to repeat myself...

So the beauty is you can watch and rewatch the content over and over!

So now you have a 2 options...

Option #1 Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same results
you’ve always gotten…

  • Maybe that's messing around on your guitar without any aim for focus...
    (hey we've all done it - and it doesn't work.
  • Maybe it's continuing to look up endless finger exercises online thinking it will one day "click" 
    (Yes its free... Yea there's some good stuff. But would you rather it take 4mo or 4yrs to get where you want? 
  • Maybe it's continuing with your private instructor - who although is nice, isn't getting you 
    the results you're paying for... (which isn't very nice...)

Option #2 Get the Finger Fitness For Guitar course that's been tested with over 1000 students for 12+yrs for a FRACTION of what it's worth and make MORE progress in the next few months than you have in the past 10yrs

Let me show you everything you'll get

  • Finger Fitness For Guitar (course)                                           Value ($397)
  • Bonus #1 The Unlocking Techniques (mini course) Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #2 Rhythm Kickstart Tracks                            Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #3 Facebook Group Access                             Value ($499) 

Total Value $1,090



One time payment

Course Enrollments close on May 1st 2023

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You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

When you get the Finger Fitness For Guitar course today you are completely protected, because you are protected by my unconditional 100% money back guarantee
And just so there's no confusion...

You've got 30 days to check everything out. 100% risk free. Which means if you're not satisfied with the trainings after you check it out for any reason or no reason at all, all you need to do is just send us a one line email letting us know you'll be issued a full and courteous refund for your purchase. 

Don’t wait or put off getting better any longer!

Corissa H

I was lost on internet forums... I knew there had to be something better out there

I’ve had my guitar for about ten years and in that time had only learned a handful of chords and how to “noodle” through a few simple melodies. Learning just the basics online was a tedious process and not very rewarding. I could mimic what I was seeing, but didn’t fully understand what I was doing.

When I had questions I found myself just getting lost on forums and how to websites. I’d taken lessons with two other guitar instructors who, while they were great guitarists, were terrible teachers. No lesson plans, no practice structure, and I never got to play music I actually liked. I was frustrated.

I knew there had to be something better out there.  I’ve not only learned to play some of my favorite songs, but am also learning how music works. This is so important if you want to go beyond playing few songs and get creative or jam out with a group.If you’re looking for an instructor you want a great guitarist AND someone who can teach. Preston shreds like a master, but he’s also a first class music teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skill Level Is This For?

This course is perfect for mid level beginners & intermediate players who are struggling with the technical side of playing guitar. 

Will This Course Teach Me To Shred?

Yes and no. This is NOT a shred course but it does lay the foundation if you want to take your skills to that level. In my book shredding starts at 600+ notes per minute and the goal of this course is to get you to comfortably play 400-500 notes per minute in a variety of contexts. 

Will This Course Teach Me To Play Songs / solos?

There aren't any songs or solos in this course but the skills you'll develop will definitely help you to play songs and solos. 

How Do I Receive Access To The Course?

The course is accessed through the online members portal.

What If I Am An Older Student?

No problem! This is hands down the best course you can get if you are older and have slow / stiff fingers. I've worked with students staring brand new who were in their late 60s and 70s and they do great!

Will This Course Help Me With Lead Guitar?

Yes! The top 3 problems players have when beginning with lead is:
1. Technique / coordination
2. Rhythm
3. Aural Skills (ear) 

This course will develop ALL THREE!

Is This Course For Acoustic Or Electric?

It's for both.

How Long Do I Have Access For?

You'll get  lifetime access and free updates! - Unless you request a refund within the 30 days then your course access will be revoked.

Let me show you everything you'll get

  • Finger Fitness For Guitar (course)                                    Value ($497)
  • The Unlocking Techniques (bonus module)                       Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #2 Rhythm Kickstart Tracks                            Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #3 Facebook Group Access                             Value ($499) 

Total Value $1,090



One time payment

Thanks for taking the time to check out my course and what I have to offer you.

I hope you give me a chance to help you with your guitar playing as I am 100% confident
I can help you get better & playing how you want. 

Preston Howard

Owner of SLC Guitar

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