How To Master Your Bar Chords
EVEN IF... Nothing Has Worked In The Past

A tried and true way to master your bar chord transitions AND develop your musicianship FAST

Course Enrollments close on May 1st 2023

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You missed out!

Frustrated With Your Bar Chords?
Sick Of Having To Use A Capo For Your Favorite Songs?
Can't Play Them Right Consistently?

You're In The RIGHT Place!

👇 Does this sound familiar...👇

You're playing a song and the anxiety starts to build...
It's coming... 😱
the dreaded bar chord!

Are you going to land it this time?
Are your hands going to cooperate?

You mess up
🤬 (again) 🤬

Is it your age?
Hand size?
Are you forever DOOMED because you don't have "natural talent?"

There Is hope!
(and you know there is other wise you wouldn't be here!)

Hey what's up, my name is Preston and if you can relate to anything I wrote above
 I know EXACTLY what you're going through. 

Starting at age 15 and coming from an athletic family
NOTHING made sense to me. 

Despite practicing for HOURS everyday 
My friends actually encouraged me to QUIT...

Yea I was that bad.

I tried books, I tried teachers...
(I actually went through 11 teachers... Yes 11!) 😅

What started out as a fun adventure
ended up becoming an obsession because I couldn't figure it out.

Now from dedicating my life to guitar
and owning a guitar school since 2010  

I've found that it's actually REALLY EASY to learn & master bar chords

If you go about it the right way...

1st  You MUST build the right foundation or hands won't work properly 
2nd You need to develop OTHER skills too 

If you only focus on the physical side of trying to play bar chords
not only will it take LONGER
but what's the point if you can't keep a rhythm, ear isn't trained,
 and you're clueless about everything else going in music?
(that's what I did as a kid...) 😅

 Which begs the question...OK... So...
What do I do to just fix this!!! 

I call it Multi-Dimensional Guitar Training

Were we build your SKILLS
in many areas and contexts 


And using this methodology I have created the PERFECT solution to help you
master your bar chords!

Bar Chord 

The ULTIMATE Guitar Course 
For Mastering Your Bar Chords

Bar Chord Training is an online guitar course that's designed to guide you through a step by step process for mastering your bar chords AND develop many areas of your musicianship such as: Technique, rhythm, aural skills, music theory, fretboard knowledge, creativity and more!

Oh yea... And the content has been BATTLE TESTED for over 12 years with REAL players at my local guitar school!

Needless to say... It ROCKS!

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 3 killer bonuses! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up you'll get immediate access so you can start getting better today! Expect the course to take anywhere from 6-8mo to complete 
(depends on your current skills / how much you practice)

After you complete this course you'll NEVER have to struggle with bar chords again AND you'll feel much more confident about your guitar playing

Finally make smooth bar chord changes

No more fumbling with bar chords transitions, getting frustrated because the notes won't ring out, or having to resort to using a capo to play your favorite songs. Just imagine how much more fun & enjoyable playing the guitar will be without bar chords holding you back! 

Feel confident about your abilities

Not only will you feel great about your playing with having mastered bar chords but imagine ALSO having a solid grasp in your musicianship and musical skills. You'll be able to play well, know what you're doing, and feel great about your abilities.

Understand Music Theory

Instead of just being able to physically play bar chords you're going to be a well rounded musician from learning in a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WAY. Part of that is understanding music theory! Don't worry it's easy. Most people don't know how to teach theory so they over complicate it making it confusing and boring. Learning how music works is fun!

Have A Roadmap For Practicing

Imagine sitting down to practice and knowing  EXACTLY what to practice, how to practice and what your TARGETS are. Not only will this CLARITY give you tons of motivation to practice but your progress will go through the roof!

Here’s what people are saying... 

Gabrielle R.

My chords have improved a lot!

When I started, my chord changes weren't terrible but they definitely were sloppy and then my bar chords were like no way, but now I can do them and on an acoustic too!

Kaden W.

It'll be the best thing you've ever done for your guitar playing!

I remember coming here and having a hard time strumming chords, and now I can play all the songs I want!

Brooke P.

When I started I couldn't play a simple chord...

Now I can shred and do my own stuff!

So What Do You Get?

When you get the BAR CHORD TRAINING course you're going to get 
6 modules, 21 video trainings, 42 audio play along tracks, PDF print outs and detailed instructions so you know exactly WHAT and HOW to practice. 


Module 1: Getting Clear On How To Learn Bar Chords

In this module we'll get clear on WHY people struggle with bar chords. Often times players fail or struggle simply because of how they approach the process. There's many pitfalls and we'll make sure you avoid them all as we work together. 

click to see more

Lesson 1: Welcome To Bar Chord Training
Lesson 2: The WORST Bar Chord To Learn First (and which ones are better)
Lesson 3: Why Everyone Struggles With Bar Chords
Lesson 4: What To Do If You Are Older And Have Stiff Fingers
Lesson 5: What to do if you have small hands or short fat fingers
And more!


Module 2: Building The Bar Chord Foundation

In this module we'll dive into building and establishing a rock solid foundation for making smooth and clean transitions with your bar chords. Just like building a house, a solid foundation is NON negotiable. Once the foundation is strong you'll find bar chords are relatively easy!


Module 3: Bar Chord Breakthrough [Part1]

In this module we'll begin to build upon your foundation and learn & master level 1 and level 2 bar chords. But not only that, you'll be trained in a MULT-DIMENSIONAL way and we'll also be integrating your bar chords with ancillary skills such as rhythm, aural skills, music theory, and fretboard knowledge!


Module 4: Bar Chord Breakthrough [Part2] 

In this module we'll pick up where part 1 left off and be learning and mastering level 3 & level 4 bar chords. Continuing on to integrate your skills & knowledge so it all comes together easily and naturally. You are not only mastering your bar chords but well on your way to becoming a legit musician as well! 😎


Module 5: Advanced Bar Chord Training

If you are STILL struggling with bar chords at this point (highly unlikely) but it can happen... So in this module we'll go over advanced training concepts to deal with even the most stubborn hands!


Module 6: Creativity Training

In this module we'll get more into MUSIC theory. (it's easy) and get hands on practicing using the theory by being CREATIVE! Being creative is a skill like anything else and we'll make sure that not only will you learn how music is working under the hood but how to use it to have you own voice! ⚠️WARNING: Your friends will say you have natural talent after you complete this module! 😎🤘


But what about other chords?
What if I can't keep time even if my life depends on it?
What if have questions or want feedback?

I want to make sure that I leave NOTHING to chance here  
so I've put together 3 KILLER bonuses that I'll hook you up with FOR FREE
so you are TOTALLY set up for success.  

Bonus 1
How To Instantly Find Bar Chords All Over The Neck

In this KILLER bonus I am going to show you the secret to being able to find chords ANYWHERE on the fretboard at the drop of a hat. This works for bar chords, triads, 7th chords you name it! This will totally level up your ability and confidence when jamming with others. 

Bonus 2
Rhythm Kickstart Tracks
How To Practice Rhythm To Play By Feel

The #1 reason why guitar players struggle at the basic level is their rhyhtm skills. So I am including 63 rhythm audio tracks to train you to PHYSICALLY keep a rhythm, to FEEL the rhythms and to HEAR rhythm.


Bonus 3
Exclusive Access To Our Facebook Group

If you have a question or need feedback I won't leave you hanging to  get advice from online arm chair experts who either have never taught anyone or don't understand the killer strategies you'll have access to.  Instead you'll get access to an expert guitar coach and our group of players.

About The Course Teacher,
Preston Howard

Preston Howard has played guitar for over 22 years, had 11 guitar teachers, studied music in college, is part of a global community of music school owners, has owned a guitar school since 2010 and has directly worked with over 1,000 guitar players.    

Since he began teaching he has developed his own unique and systematic approach to mastering the guitar that has been proven to get extra-ordinary results 100% of the time. 

This approach which he calls, "MULTI-DIMENSIONAL GUITAR TRAINING" is the result of testing and observing what gets his students the quickest results in ALL AREAS of their guitar playing, musicianship, and creativity both in the short term and long term. 

Here’s what people are saying about
 learning from Preston

Nathan M.

You won't find a better way to learn the guitar!

The improvement I made in just the first month was light years ahead I had previously learned and leaps and bounds ahead of anything I expected.  Preston puts things in a specific order and teaches them in a way that makes sense so that the optics connect to each other

Gary L. 

Preston is a "STAND UP" Guy.

I wanted to learn to play when I turned 50 and started at a local guitar stare. I learned a few things but wasn't progressing as I wanted. I found Preston and he as been GREAT! I highly recommend Preston.  

Bill B. 

He can even train an older guy like me!

I've learned more with Preston than I did in the past 30+ years which when I look back 90% was just a waste of time. You will get a planned out and proven path and a well rounded (yes you need that) music education. I could go on, but if you want to play well this is the place. 

How Does A 100% Success Rate Sound?

Most courses can't make that kind of claim because
they haven't PROVEN their methods in the real world. 

But because I have worked with over a 1000 students face to face I've been able to crack the code on what works FOR EVERYONE 100% of the time. 

** Note, this course isn't magic... OBVIOUSLY have to do YOUR part by practicing 
and practicing how I show you.
(Don't worry it's easy)

Ok... So what does it cost?

If you were to come to my school, lock me up, and demand I give you all this information
I charge $100hr for private lessons and there's about 4hrs of content which would make it roughly $400.

But to be fair... You'd forget pretty much everything I'd tell you
so you'd end up paying me WAY more to repeat myself...

So the beauty is you can watch and rewatch the content over and over!

So now you have a options...

Option #1 Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same results you’ve always gotten…

  • Maybe it's beating your head against the wall, going in circles, and hoping it will change soon...
  • Maybe it's continuing to look up how to videos on YouTube thinking it will one day "click" 
    (Yes its free... Yea there's some good stuff. But do you want master this in 5mo or 5yrs?
  • Maybe it's continuing with your private instructor - who although may be nice, isn't getting you 
    the results you are paying for... (which isn't very nice...)

Option #2 Get the Bar Chord Training course that's been tested for 12+yrs for a FRACTION of what it's worth and make MORE progress in the next few months than you have in years. 

Let me show you everything you'll get

  • Bar Chord Training (course)                                               Value ($397)
  • Bonus #1 How To Master ANY Chord Change     Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #2 Rhythm Kickstart Tracks                            Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #3 Facebook Group Access                             Value ($499) 

Total Value $1,090



One time payment

Course Enrollments close on May 1st 2023

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You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

When you get the Bar Chord Training course today you are completely protected, because you are protected by my unconditional 100% money back guarantee

You've got 30 days to check everything out. 100% risk free. Which means if you're not satisfied with the trainings or your progress after you check it out for any reason or no reason at all, all you need to do is just send us an email letting us know and you'll be issued a full and courteous refund for your purchase. 

Don't wait to start getting better any longer!

Corissa H

I was lost on internet forums... I knew there had to be something better out there

I’ve had my guitar for about ten years and in that time had only learned a handful of chords and how to “noodle” through a few simple melodies. Learning just the basics online was a tedious process and not very rewarding. I could mimic what I was seeing, but didn’t fully understand what I was doing.

When I had questions I found myself just getting lost on forums and how to websites. I’d taken lessons with two other guitar instructors who, while they were great guitarists, were terrible teachers. No lesson plans, no practice structure, and I never got to play music I actually liked. I was frustrated.

I knew there had to be something better out there.  I’ve not only learned to play some of my favorite songs, but am also learning how music works. This is so important if you want to go beyond playing few songs and get creative or jam out with a group.If you’re looking for an instructor you want a great guitarist AND someone who can teach. Preston shreds like a master, but he’s also a first class music teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for acoustic or electric?


How Is This Different Than Youtube?

Youtube has some good stuff (and its free) 
But you don't need (or have time) to sift through the 1,000's of videos, opinions and contradictions. You need a proven path that has has been tested with real learners in the real world and is put in a very specific order to build your skills up to easily play bar chords.

Also, all my courses use the Multi-Dimensional Training Method so you will also building skills and knowledge in many areas besides just the physical ability to play a bar chord.

What If I Need Extra Help?

You'll get access to our Facebook group to ask questions and you can even upload a snippet of you playing. This way we can see exactly whats going on and tell you want to fix. 

How long do I get access for?

You will get lifetime access for the life of the course!

How Do I know If It Will Work For Me?

This is the same training I use to get results with kids as young as 5yrs old to adults in their 70s. It works. That being said, you have to do your part. Make time to practice, follow the instructions given and please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

If you aren't seeing noticeable results you have a 30 day money back guarantee!

How long before I see results?

Many players start seeing tangible results their very first week as I get to the ROOT causes of what is holding you back. Others it may take 2 or 3 to see real tangible results.

Keep in mind this isn't magic or some "master guitar in 21days B.S.  To see results you need to put in the time and be consistent. and practice CORRECT. The secret is to follow the instructions EXACTLY. If you dabble in it and continue doing what you have in the past (that hasn't worked) your progress will suffer. 

What If I am an older learner?

The content and training you'll get has been tested and proven to work for EVERYONE regardless of age. Stiff fingers, Poor coordination, small hands. All pitfalls will be address and the beauty is all you have to do is work through the course, achieve the targets in the modules and it will come together! 

How do I get access to the course?

As soon as you sign up you'll be prompted to create your account and then you'll get access through the web portal. All trainings / lessons / videos / audio files are hosted online. There are downloaded able PDF's

Let me show you everything you'll get

  • Bar Chord Training (course)                                                       Value ($397)
  • Bonus #1 Master ANY Chord Change                       Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #2 Rhythm Kickstart Tracks                           Value ($97) 
  • Bonus #3 Facebook Group Access                             Value ($499) 

Total Value $1,090



One time payment

Thanks for taking the time to check out my course and what I have to offer you.

I hope you give me a chance to help you with your guitar playing as I am 100% confident
I can help you get better & playing how you want. 

Preston Howard

Owner of SLC Guitar

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